M. Elena Gorman

Dr. Elena Gorman
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Associate Professor
Clinical Pathology

217 Magruder Hall
541-737-3261 (reception)
541-737-6817 (fax)

Assistant Professor
Clinical Pathology

Professional and Research Interests: 

My research interests are based upon the development of inflammatory bowel disease in domestic cats. I am primarily interested in the innate and adaptive immune responses to antigenic stimulation in this species. I have worked with the identification of lymphoid populations within the intestinal mucosa and mesenteric lymph nodes of random source cats. With this information, I hope to enable clinicians to better understand gastrointestinal pathology in their feline patients and to allow for better differentiation of inflammatory and neoplastic disorders of the GI tract by increasing the use of immunological methods, such as flow cytometry and immunochemistry, for evaluation of disease. In addition to gastrointestinal immunity, I also have a strong dedication to student teaching, particularly in the areas of clinical chemistry, including acid base physiology, and cytology, subjects which are particularly challenging to students. I work closely with students groups, e.g. the pathology club, in order to generate interest in these subjects and to develop better teaching modalities in order to aid their ultimate grasp of these concepts.