Test Name: Diagnostic Section: Fee:
Ammonia Clinical Pathology  $57.00 
Species: Set up days: Turn Around Time:
Most Species (exc. primates) M, Tu, W, Th, F  Same day
Specimen Requirements:    
Plasma (heparinized blood) - 0.5 ml minimum
Collection Protocol:    
Collect in green top tube, maintain at 4 degrees C. (on ice).  Deliver to lab within 30 minutes or separate plasma, keep tightly sealed on ice and deliver within 2 hours.
Shipping Requirements:    
Do not mail or ship!  Maintain temperature at 4 degrees C. (place in ice) and deliver to the lab immediately or separate plasma and deliver within 2 hours of collection.
Additional Information:    
Plasma ammonia is quite labile.  Specimen requires special handling.  Testing may not be available if collection and delivery protocols are not followed.