BVD Ag. Capture ELISA*

Test Name: Diagnostic Section: Fee:
BVD Ag. Capture ELISA*  Virology  Varies - See Below* 
Species: Set up days: Turn Around Time:
Bovine  Wednesday am *** Same day 
Specimen Requirements:    
Ear notch/fresh ~1 sq cm unfixed; Serum - 0.5 ml minimum.  This test is designed to detect persistently infected animals only.  If acute BVD is suspected, we recommend virus isolation, FA or PCR testing. 
Collection Protocol:    
Use a "pig ear notcher" to remove an ~1 sq cm notch from the outer haired portion of the ear.  Place in an empty tube (red top) and seal.  Store on ice or in refrigerator prior to shipping.  Ear notch is the preferred specimen but serum can be used if the animal is over 4 month of age.  Collect blood in red top tube, separate serum promptly or collect in serum separator tube, spin and send "as is".
Shipping Requirements:    
Refrigerated, in leak proof tube(s).  Overnight or 2-day shipping for samples is recommended. 
Additional Information:    
* Fee is based on number of animals/samples:  1-6 samples (same owner-herd/same time) $33.00; 7-12 samples $5.50 each; >12 samples $5.20 each.  If 15 or more samples are submitted, please refer to BVDV-PI PCR - pooled ear notches***Sample(s) must be received by 5:00 pm on Tuesday to be included in the Wednesday morning run.