Test Name: Diagnostic Section: Fee:
ICC Lymphoma Panel
Clin Path/Histo $100.00
Species: Set up days: Turn Around:
Canine, Feline Varies  24-48 hours
Specimen Requirements:    
Aspirate (lymph node, bone marrow or lesion) in special transport media or on glass slides; EDTA whole blood or tissue imprint 
Collection Protocol:    
Prepare a minimum of 6 diagnostic tissue aspirate smears preferably on positively charged glass slides OR tissue aspirates placed in transport media (1 ml PBS with 5% serum in EDTA); whole blood for immunophenotyping should be submitted in EDTA
Shipping Requirements:    
Sample in transport media or whole blood: refrigerated, in leak proof tube(s).  Overnight shipping is recommended.  DO NOT FREEZE.  Glass slides should be submitted in rigid plastic or styrofoam slide container(s).  Do not expose slides to moisture or refrigerated/frozen sample(s).
Additional Information:    
Diagnostic accuracy is limited to the presence of intact cells in each sample.
Lymphoma panel includes CD3 and CD79A stains.