Diagnostic Section: 
Molecular Diagnostics
Shipping Requirements: 
Ship overnight in an insulated container, with ice packs. Ship Monday-Thursday, to arrive no later than Friday.
Test Fee: 
Setup Days: 
Turn Around Time: 
1-2 days, STAT request: Same day if specimen is received by 10:00am; after 10:00am, results in 24 hours.**
Specimen Requirements: 

Nasal or throat swab, tracheal wash, 1-5 grams lung tissue

Collection Protocol: 

Use synthetic swabs (Dacron or Polyester) with a plastic or wire shaft. Place swab into a dry, sterile tube without gel or anticoagulants (red-top serum tube or dry transport tube).

All specimens should be placed into sterile, leak proof containers, clearly marked with the animal ID. 

To prevent PCR inhibition:

Do not use cotton swabs (no q-tips) or swabs with wooden or paper shafts. Do not use swabs that contain agar, gel or calcium alginate. 

Additional Information: 

This real-time PCR Panel includes:

  • Bordetella 
  • Canine parainfluenza
  • Mycoplasma spp. 
  • Influenza virus - Type A (IAV) (detects all influenza-A viruses including: H3N8, H3N2, H1N1, H5N1) 

Note: Mycoplasmas are considered normal flora in the respiratory tracts of dogs, therefore, detection of Mycoplasma spp. does not necessarily indicate disease. Clinical history and additional diagnostic test results should be considered. 

**STAT fee of $40 will be added for STAT requests.

Analytical validation is complete; however, clinical/diagnostic validation, according to AAVLD/OIE standards is in progress.