Test Name: Diagnostic Section: Fee:
Trichomonas Pouch Exam Bacteriology $10.00
Species: Set up days: Turn Around Time:
Bovine M, Tu, W, Th, F 6 days
Specimen Requirements:    
InPouch® TF pouch inoculated by submittor.
Collection Protocol:    
Preputial scraping, cervical-vaginal mucus and/or pyometra fluid samples may be obtaind with a sterile AI or infusion pipette then transferred to an InPouch® TF pouch.  Samples are to be collected fresh and immediately inoculated into the culture pouch.  Follow directions and use caution when filling and closing the pouch to avoid leakage.
Shipping Requirements:    
Leak proof container.  Do Not Refrigerate or Freeze.  Overnight shipping is recommended 
Additional Information:    
*See also - Trichomonas Culture