Pet Memorial Program

Companion animals give us unbounded love, good humor, and patience. When you lose a pet, you lose a special friend. The Pet Memorial Program at OSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine has a new website that allows pet owners to honor their animal friends in a meaningful way, by supporting scholarships for veterinary students.

You can use our new website to honor the memory of a pet with a photo, or even a story about them. At the same time, you can donate to veterinary student scholarships:

OSU Pet Memorial website.

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Student Scholarships

Did you know that the average debt carried by a graduating veterinary student in the U.S. is $125,000? Your donation to student scholarships will help these hard working and dedicated animal lovers.

Hospital Pro Bono

Every year the Lois Bates Acheson Veterinary Teaching Hospital provides free care for animals from shelters and wildlife rehab centers around Oregon. Donate.

Oncology Research

The OSU Veterinary Hospital has a state-of-the-art cancer treatment unit, where veterinary oncologists are involved in canine cancer research that has the potential to save human lives as well. Donate.