Your referrals are important to us and we make every attempt to treat you, your client and your patient in the most professional manner possible.

How to refer a client to Small Animal Services at the Lois Bates Acheson Teaching Hospital:

  • We receive clients by referral appointment only, so please call 541-737-4812 to speak with a client services representative who can help coordinate appointments and collect patient information.
  • Please have the following information available when calling:

Client name, address and telephone numbers

Patient name, age, breed and sex, and the problem being referred

  • Please fill out a College of Veterinary Medicine Patient Referral form (PDF) and include it with copies of the medical record and pertinent diagnostic results.

In order to receive general estimates or seek further information about specialty services offered, please call 541-737-4812 and ask to speak to the appropriate representative:

Cardiology: Robyn Panico
Dermatology: Amy Berry
Oncology: Stephen Hyter
Small Animal Medicine: Meredith Hanson
Small Animal Surgery: Surgery Coordinator

To discuss a referral with an available clinician, please call 541-737-4812.

After receiving a professional referral, we make every attempt to contact your hospital within one day to discuss the case. Discharge letters, and frequently referral letters, are faxed within 24 hours of the time patients are discharged from the hospital.