02/15/18 NOTICE: Large Animal Weekend/After Hours Post Mortem Deliveries to OVDL.  Beginning March 15, 2018, large animal carcasses for post mortem (necropsy) at the OVDL will be received only during regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 8 - 5) and will no longer be accepted on evenings, weekends and holidays.  Small animals and other diagnostic samples will be received as in the past; this announcement only pertains to large animal carcasses (cattle, horses, camelids, sheep, goats, pigs).  Funding and staffing considerations and increasing case submissions make it impractical to continue to provide this service outside of regular business hours.  The OVDL will continue to provide after-hours emergency necropsy service in the case of acute disease outbreaks/mortalities in large animal species. The after-hours contact number for these emergency cases is 541-737-3261.   Thank you for your understanding.

Published fees are for diagnostic services only. Contact laboratory for research fees.

Accession Fee - All submissions will be assessed an accession fee of $8.00.

Turn around times - These refer to business days only. Turn around times are average or minimum days required for test completion.

Circumstances may necessitate our use of diagnostic testing services provided by other accredited or recognized laboratories.

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