Academic Faculty

Ronald Mandsager, DVM, DACVAA

Dr. Ron Mandsager
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Ronald Mandsager

Interim Associate Director
Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Magruder Hall
541-737-2858 (reception)
541-737-8651 (fax)

Lia Danelishvili

Dr. Lia Danelishvili
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Assistant Professor

208 Dryden Hall
541-737-6544 (voice mail)
541-737-6532 (reception)         
541-737-2730 (fax)


Research Interests

My research is mainly focused on identification and characterization of virulence factors involved in the intracellular survival of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (the etiological agent of Tuberculosis) and Mycobacterium avium (prevalent pathogen in HIV-patients). I identify M. tuberculosis effector proteins secreted within the human macrophages and dissecting cellular processes, targeted by these effectors, through genetic, bioinformatics and proteomic approaches to gain insights and establish the mechanism of mycobacterium pathogenesis. I also study the bacterial response to anti-tuberculosis compounds (new and in use ones) to understand fundamental aspects of M. tuberculosis response to therapy. The multidisciplinary approaches employing bacterial genetics, high throughput screening libraries, gene knockout systems, cell biology, high-resolution microscopy and mass-spectrometric techniques are used in the laboratory. 



Helen Diggs

Dr. Helen Diggs
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Director, Laboratory Animal Resources Center/Campus Attending Veterinarian
Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine

Oregon State University
Research Office
Corvallis, Oregon  97331

Phone: 541-737-6213
FAX: 541-737-5637

Jennifer Warnock, DVM, PhD, DACVS

Jennifer Warnock
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Associate Professor
Small Animal Surgery

287 Magruder Hall
541-737-4812 (reception)
541-737-4818 (fax)

Kirk Miller

Dr. Kirk Miller
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Shelter Medicine

Oregon Humane Society, Portland, Oregon
503-285-7722 x421 (voice mail)

Michelle Steinauer

Dr. Michelle Steinauer
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Assistant Professor

212A Dryden Hall
541-737-7603 (voice mail)
541-737-2730 (fax)

Kathy O'Reilly

Dr. Kathy O'Reilly
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Associate Professor, Senior Research

541-737-6532 (reception)
541-737-2730 (fax)

Mahfuzur Sarker

Dr. Mafuzur Sarker
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Bacterial Pathogenesis
College of Science: Department of Microbiology

216 Dryden Hall
541-737-6918 (voice mail)
541-737-2730 (fax)

Tim Miller-Morgan

Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan
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Assistant Professor
Aquatic Animal Health
Extension Veterinarian 

Ornamental Fish Health program
Oregon Extension Sea Grant
Hatfield Marine Science Center
2030 SE Marine Science Drive
Newport, OR 97365-5229 

541-867-3069 (fax)