Fatal paraquat poisoning in seven Portland, Oregon, dogs.

TitleFatal paraquat poisoning in seven Portland, Oregon, dogs.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsCope RB, Bildfell RJ, Valentine BA, White KS, Cooper BJ, Oncken A
JournalVeterinary and human toxicology
Date Published2004 Oct
KeywordsAnimals, Dog Diseases, Dogs, Female, Gastrointestinal Diseases, Herbicides, Hypertension, Lipids, Male, Paraquat, Respiratory Insufficiency

Paraquat is one of the few broad-spectrum herbicides available in the US; however, it is extremely toxic to companion animals when ingested. Despite its restricted use status, poisoning of dogs and cats remains relatively common. This clinical report documents a series of chronologically and geographically related cases of presumed malicious and fatal sub-acute paraquat poisoning in 7 dogs in Portland, OR. All animals developed acute gastrointestinal disturbance, renal compromise and insidiously progressive respiratory failure. Hyperlipasemia and moderate hypertension were notable featured in 5/7 cases. Trace levels of paraquat were demonstrated in the urine of 4/7 animals by gas-liquid chromatography/mass spectroscopy. Diagnosis in the remaining 3 cases was made through a combination of history or exposure, clinical signs and their progression, and pulmonary and renal histopathology.

Alternate JournalVet Hum Toxicol