Intercostal approach for right adrenalectomy in dogs.

TitleIntercostal approach for right adrenalectomy in dogs.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsAndrade N, Rivas LR, Milovancev M, Radlinsky MA, Cornell K, Schmiedt C
JournalVeterinary surgery : VS
Date Published2014 Feb

OBJECTIVE: To describe an intercostal (IC) approach to the right adrenal (RA) gland in dogs.

STUDY DESIGN: Cadaveric study and case series.

ANIMALS: Dogs with right adrenal (RA) tumors (n = 11) and normal canine cadavers (6).

METHODS: Cadavers had an IC (n = 3) or paracostal (3) approach to the RA. The relative spatial position of the RA to the incision was evaluated. Medical records (June 2007-December 2012) of dogs that had an IC approach to the RA were reviewed. Perioperative data were recorded and described.

RESULTS: In cadavers, the RA was closer to the cranial aspect of the surgical incision after an IC approach compared with a paracostal approach. The IC approach for right adrenalectomy was successfully performed in 11 dogs (6 adrenocortical carcinomas, 4 pheochromocytomas, and 1 osteosarcoma) with a mean anesthesia duration of 242 minutes and mean surgical of 144 minutes. Dogs had vascular invasion into the phrenicoabdominal vein (n = 11) and caudal vena cava (6). There were no significant intra- or postoperative complications. One dog was euthanatized intraoperatively. Median survival time for all dogs was 786 days.

CONCLUSIONS: The IC approach for right adrenalectomy offers superior exposure of the RA compared with a paracostal approach.

Alternate JournalVet Surg