Sensory nerve conduction velocities in forelimb of ponies.

TitleSensory nerve conduction velocities in forelimb of ponies.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1983
AuthorsBlythe LL, Kitchell RL, Holliday TA, Johnson RD
JournalAmerican journal of veterinary research
Date Published1983 Aug
KeywordsAction Potentials, Animals, Electric Stimulation, Evoked Potentials, Female, Horses, Humans, Male, Median Nerve, Nerve Fibers, Neural Conduction, Neurons, Afferent, Ulnar Nerve

Normal nerve conduction velocity values in 10 ponies were determined for sensory nerve fibers in the median and ulnar nerves. A percutaneous signal-averaging technique was developed and used. Medial and lateral palmar digital nerves on the abaxial surface of the proximal sesamoid bones were used as the sites for percutaneous stimulation, whereas recording sites included the medial and lateral palmar nerves just distal to the carpus and the median and ulnar nerves in the middle of the radius. Sensory nerve conduction velocities can be evaluated simply and clinically in the limbs of horses, using percutaneous signal-averaging techniques.

Alternate JournalAm. J. Vet. Res.