Serum chemistry of bowhead whales (Balaena mysticetus).

TitleSerum chemistry of bowhead whales (Balaena mysticetus).
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsHeidel JR, Philo LM, Albert TF, Andreasen CB, Stang BV
JournalJournal of wildlife diseases
Date Published1996 Jan
KeywordsAnimals, Blood Chemical Analysis, Blood Glucose, Blood Proteins, Creatinine, Female, Male, Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Animal, Reference Values, Sex Characteristics, Sodium, Triglycerides, Whales

Sera of 19 male and female bowhead whales (Balaena mysticetus) collected near Barrow, Alaska (USA) between 30 August and 13 October 1992 were evaluated for 18 serum chemistry values. Male bowhead whales had significantly greater creatinine and sodium concentrations, and significantly lower glucose concentrations than females. Pregnant females had greater triglyceride levels than non-pregnant females. The mean concentrations of creatinine, blood urea nitrogen, alkaline phosphatase, total bilirubin, total protein, sodium, potassium, chloride, phosphorus, and calcium were similar to those previously reported from bowhead whales. High aspartate aminotransferase and creatinine kinase levels were attributed to muscle damage associated with harpooning.

Alternate JournalJ. Wildl. Dis.