Signature Areas of Research

Signature Areas of Research

Zebrafish Health

The OSU College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) is a world leader in the identification and study of zebrafish disease.
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Genome Sequence Analysis

Recent research in Genome Sequence Analysis at the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine.

Bone, Joint and Muscle Diseases

Coordinated by Drs. Stacy Semevolos, Jennifer Warnock, Wendy Baltzer and Beth Valentine

Dr. Erica McKenzie
is currently focusing on the problem of anesthetic myopathy in horses and the characteristics of the drug dantrolene sodium as a preventative agent for this condition. More...

Camelid Physiology and Medicine

Coordinated by Drs. Christopher Cebra, and Erica McKenzie


Our mission is supported by a three-pronged approach with efforts committed to discovery, translational investigation, and contemporary clinical care for animals with cancer.

Food, Water-borne and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Food and water-borne diseases coordinated by Drs. Mahfuzur Sarker and Claudia Häse 

Sexually transmitted diseases coordinated by Drs. Manoj Pastey, Ling Jin and Daniel Rockey 

Mycobacterial Diseases

Coordinated by Drs. Luiz Bermudez, Anna Jolles and Michael Kent the mycobacterial diseases research program is supported by grants from the NIH, Gates Foundation and the NSF. Specific research topics are focused on the pathogenesis of Johne’s disease and Mycobacterium avium infections, development of therapies for tuberculosis, and the ecology of microparasite-macroparasite interactions involving mycobacteria.


Coordinated by Drs. Kathy Magnusson and Patrick Chappell