Years 1-3

Attendance at examinations, including final examinations, and all other required exercises is mandatory except for medical or family emergencies or military or legal duties (subpoena or jury duty). Excused absences for these exceptions are granted providing the student notifies the Associate Dean for Student and Academic Affairs in advance or as soon as possible following an emergency. Other absences may be excused as outlined in the next paragraph.

Attendance at professional meetings including the SAVMA Symposium and scientific meetings where the student is presenting a paper is encouraged, but does not automatically constitute an excused absence. Students may make a request to the Associate Dean for Student and Academic Affairs for an excused absence to attend a professional meeting. This request must be made at least 6 weeks in advance. The Associate Dean will consult with faculty members teaching the course that would be missed and determine whether the schedule could be changed to accommodate the student request.

An unexcused absence from an examination or laboratory will result in the student not being allowed to make-up the examination or laboratory. The student may lose a letter grade or receive a zero for the exam or lab at the discretion of the course director. If the exam or lab is required to pass a course, an unexcused absence may result in failing the course.

Absence Request Form (fillable PDF)

Revised September 11, 2007


Year 4

Students in both elective and required clinical rotations are allowed to have no more than 0.5 days of excused absence per 1-week block with a maximum of 5 excused days of absence during the senior year. The following are considered EXCUSED absences:

  1. Attendance at the annual SAVMA Symposium or required SCAVMA delegate activities.
  2. Students who are the presenting author at a scientific meeting. Attendance at other continuing education programs will be considered EXCUSED at the discretion of the course leader.
  3. Job interviews.
  4. National or State licensing boards.
  5. A medical or family emergency.
  6. Scheduled medical appointments.
  7. Military or legal obligation such as subpoena or jury duty.

Other personal circumstances necessitating absence from the block will be considered UNEXCUSED unless, at the discretion of the course leader and duty clinician to which the student is assigned, it is deemed appropriate to classify the absence as EXCUSED. Except for emergencies, students must complete a Request to be Absent Form (available in the dean’s office) for ALL anticipated absences. The form should be completed and returned to the dean’s office at least one week in advance of the absence. Except in emergencies, if not submitted at least 1 week prior to the absence, the absence will automatically be considered UNEXCUSED.  

When a student has greater than 0.5 days of excused absence/1 week of block time or ANY unexcused absence the student will be expected to make up that time along with any after-hours emergency time associated with the block. If, in the opinion of the course leader, absences were such that the student’s learning opportunities were sufficiently reduced by the absences, the student may be required to repeat the entire block. Until absenteeism is made up, the student shall receive a grade of INCOMPLETE.

Absence Request Form (fillable PDF)