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Equine Practice

the Equine Clinic at OakenCroft - externship (01-22-20014)

Ledgewood Equine Veterinary Clinic - externship

Tryon Equine Hospital - internship

Phillips County Veterinary Clinic - internship

Anoka Equine Veterinary Services - externship

Montana Equine Medical and Surgical Center - internship

Moore & Company Veterinary Services - internship

Vermont Large Animal Clinic - externship

Littleton Large Animal Clinic-Equine Hospital Referral Center - externship

Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center - Equine Neonatology internship

Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center - internship

 Small Animal Practice

Charlotte Street Animal Hospital- externship

Friendship Hospital for Animals - internship (February 10, 2014)

Windham Animal Hospital - internship

Community Animal Hospital, P.C. - externship

Windham Animal Hospital - internship

Hanson-Meekins - externship

Ohio Center for Integrated Veterinary Medicine - internship

Emergency and Critical Care - externship

Animal Emergency Hospital of North Texas - externship

Ohio Center for Integrated Veterinary Medicine - internship

Tuskegee University - internship

Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center - internship

Animal Hospital Specialty Center - internship

University Animal Hospital - preceptorship

Pet Emergency & Specialty Center of Marin - internship

Friendship Hospital for Animals - externship

Pet Emergency and Specialty Center - externship

AAEC - externship

 Large Animal Practice

Tuskegee University - internship

Mixed Animal Practice

Harney County Veterinary Clinic - preceptorship

All Pets Dental - residency

  Exotic & Wildlife Animals

Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium - externship

Avian & Marine Mammal Wildlife - internship

Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital - preceptorship

US Navy Marine Mammal Program - externship

Brad's World Reptiles - internship

Island Wildlife Natural Care Center - internship

Willowbrook Wildlife Center - preceptorship

Research Programs

Oregon State Laboratory Animal Medicine Residency Consortium - laboratory animal medicine externship

Yale University - laboratory animal medicine externship 

Med Vet - small animal surgery resident

University of Minnesota



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