Student Clubs


Agricultural Animal Club

Develop veterinary skills necessary for the care of agricultural animals, promote food animal medicine within the veterinary community and support veterinary students preparing for rural medicine.

The purpose of this club is to bring together students who are interested in practicing food animal medicine. The club can serve to complement the academic work with more hands on practical experience with cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, llamas and poultry. The club can also serve as a resource for local contacts.
Past events have included speakers and field trips such as a trip to a dairy goat farm to help with kidding and to the Beef Northwest feedlot in Hermiston, Ore. Events planned for next year include more field trips, speakers and wet labs. Yearly dues are $5.

Faculty contact:  Dr. Charles Estill,

Club email:

American Animal Hospital Association, Student Chapter

The Student Chapter of AAHA is a brand new club at Oregon State. AAHA is a world-renowned organization composed of members who hold different jobs in a veterinary clinic who treat companion animals, or pets. AAHA believes in "Healthy Practices. Healthier Pets," and provides many resources and opportunities for its members.
Future plans of the AAHA student chapter include wet labs, speakers and other clinical opportunities. Yearly dues are currently undecided.
Faculty contact:  Jean Hall, Jean.Hall@
Student contact:  

American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP)

The purpose of the Student Chapter of the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) at Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine is to enhance the educational opportunities of the students at our school, to inform students of veterinary related problems currently affecting the industry, and to promote the exchange of professional knowledge among students and practitioners.

  • Foal team - assistance of hospital staff in the care of ICU foals
  • Colic team - Opportunities to observe/assist on emergency colic surgeries
  • OEPS - partially sponsored by the AAEP; yearly trip to Kentucky to learn more about the equine industry
  • Short courses - sponsored by the AAEP; topics include dentistry, farriery, and emergency preparedness
  • Field trips
  • Wet Labs
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Internship and Externship opportunities
  • Education lunchtime talks on equine topics

American Association of Feline Practitioners


The main goal of this club is to promote education of feline health and well-being among students and the public. Ways that we can do this are by being the caretakers of the clinic cats, being involved in the Feral Cat Coalition, listening to informative speakers, attending seminars and symposiums, being involved during Pet Day, and providing regular club meetings. This is a new club that we are trying to establish at OSU with the new four program and we are off to a good start.


American Veterinary Dentistry Society, Student Chapter

This is a club for veterinary students interested in learning more about dentistry. We will be doing wet labs and lectures on the subject.

Faculty advisors: Dr. Jacob Mecham,
Dr. Susan Tornquist,

Club email:

Animal Behavior Club

Our mission is to provide a forum for veterinary students with an interest in animal behavior to discuss behavior related topics, cases and journal articles.
As a Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior, we fulfill the standards set forth by the AVSAB and incorporate the group's newsletters, speakers and scholarship opportunities into our club. We seek to bring in lecturers speaking on animal behavior related topics to supplement our veterinary curriculum and allow opportunities for students to learn more about behavioral related career paths within veterinary medicine.
Advisors- Dr. Michelle Kutzler, Dr. Jacqui Nielson

  • Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior Lectures from Dr. Jacqui Nielson, board certified animal behaviorist Feliway/D.A.P Presentation and product giveaway
  • Gentle Leader presentation and free product giveaway
  • Pet Day booth
  • Lecture from Jay Welch '07, "The positive aspects of shock collar training"
  • Novartis presentation on Clomicalm, behavioral modification medication and training program to ease separation anxiety

Integrative Medicine Club

The purpose of this association is to provide information and education to students regarding various modalities of complementary and alternative medicine.

Faculty advisor: Dr. Elena Gorman,

Club email:

International Veterinary Student Association (IVSA)

The International Club is a local chapter of the International Veterinary Students' Association (IVSA).  It was formed in 2003 by OSU vet students with a common interest in travel and international veterinary medicine.

  • The IVSA exists to "benefit the animals and people of the world by harnessing the potential and dedication of veterinary students to promote the international application of veterinary skills, education and knowledge." - IVSA Constitution
  • The IVSA works to raise the overall standard of veterinary education by increasing the international and inter-cultural exchange of ideas and knowledge.
  • The IVSA promotes opportunities for veterinary students to undertake education in areas outside their normal training or unique to another country.
  • The International Club addresses these goals by:
  1. Organizing and funding international veterinary opportunities for club members
  2. Sponsoring educational lectures and seminars
  3. Fundraising for travel scholarships and educational support in disadvantaged countries
  4. Sponsoring foreign language conversational lunches for all levels

Club email:

Society for Theriogenology

The purposes of this club are to provide an opportunity for veterinary students to gain additional knowledge about reproductive systems, management, technology and research as well as to promote camaraderie among veterinary students with an interest in theriogenology and act as a liaison between practicing theriogenologists and veterinary students at Oregon State University.

Activities we have had include:  Monthly meetings, which usually include a presentation of some type (AI, collection, foaling etc), assisting with the advanced therio class for the seniors, assisting with the equine reproduction workshop, foaling out the therio mares (2 students/night on foal watch in an RV by the therio barn), wet labs including cattle AI, stallion collection etc.

Veterinary Practice Management Club

The mission of the Veterinary Practice Management Club is to provide a forum where veterinary business, ethics and legal issues can be explored by veterinary students.  Activities that we have participated in include a trip to Portland, Ore., to visit Banfield and learn more about the corporate model of veterinary practice, hosting a booth at Pet Day in an effort to increase awareness about the cost of veterinary medicine, and presenting and discussing pertinent articles.  As this club is only in its very early beginnings, we are hoping to continue to grow and look forward to the possibility of co-hosting an invited speaker on animal guardianship and inviting more local practice owners to share their insights into the current state of the industry.  If any or all of the above interests you, this club may be for you!

Wildlife Disease Association, Student Chapter

The mission of this club reflects the mission of the Wildlife Disease Association student chapters, which states the following:

"Our missionis to acquire, disseminate, and apply knowledge of the health and diseases of wild animals in relation to their biology, conservation, and interactions with humans and domestic animals."

"The objective of the Student Chapters of the Wildlife Disease Association include the mission of the WDA, and more specifically aim at:

  1. Educating students interested in wildlife health and disease about the profession and career opportunities, job qualifications and education, externships, volunteer, and research opportunities.
  2. Enhancing the skills of students interested in wildlife health and disease through lectures, workshops, conferences, field trips.
  3. Connecting students interested in wildlife health and disease to mentors in WDA through the faculty advisor and guest lectures.

Faculty advisor: Dr. Robert Bildfell,
Website for the Wildlife Disease Association

Club email:

Zoo Wildlife/Exotic Animal Club

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for veterinary students interested in zoo and/or wildlife medicine to gain knowledge and experience in this unique field outside of the veterinary curriculum. By scheduling speakers representing the diverse areas of zoo, aquarium and wildlife veterinary medicine and arranging field trips to local facilities dealing with these exotic animal species, the club members can pursue interests not fully explored in a traditional veterinary education.

Past activities

  • Lectures from Dr. Ursula Beckert on her travels to and research in Africa
  • Field trip to the Oregon Zoo
  • Case presentation: Ferret Insulinoma
  • Field trip to the Oregon Wildlife Foundation
  • Marine Mammal necropsy

Near Future Activities

  • Field trip to Oregon Coast Aquarium with Dr. Miller-Morgan
  • Lecture on Marine Mammal research
  • Field trip to Chintimini Wildlife Refuge
  • Marine Mammal necropsy

PLEASE NOTE: Although most student organizations at OSU do not have legal non-profit status with the IRS, the Oregon State University Foundation will accept tax deductible donations given to the University for use by student organizations. The OSU Foundations Tax ID # is 93-6022772.

The Memorial Union Business Office facilitates the acknowledgement of these gifts with the OSU Foundation. Checks should be written to the club, payable to: OSU "Club Name."  The checks should be deposited at the Memorial Union Room 215. At the time of deposit please identify these checks should be acknowledged as tax deductible to the MU staff. They have a quick form that is completed and forwarded to the Foundation. The Foundation in turn will provide documentation to the donor. In situations of matching gifts or payments made directly to the OSU Foundation it is important that the donor include instructions with the gift that it is for the specific club. Clubs should know that matching gifts take time to process. Matching gift companies usually only match every quarter or even once a year.