Pet Memorial Program

Honoring the memory of special friends

The following forms are for participating Veterinarians and Hospitals/Clinics.
If you are an individual who would like more information about the Pet Memorial Program, please click here.

Veterinarians: To participate in the Pet Memorial Program please follow these steps:

  • Use the form and identify the owner whose pet died or was euthanized.
  • Fill out all information clearly. If you are sending cards to multiple clients, enter each owner’s address, name and pet information on separate rows.
  • Make copies of the form for your records. If you are using the website you can save a copy to your hard drive so you can access it there later.
  • Print out and fax the form to us: 541-737-4245; or click ‘Submit’ on the web page and it will automatically be emailed.
  • Each month we will send you a statement that summarizes the cards we sent out on your behalf during the month and the total donation amount due for the month. The statement will include a self-addressed envelope you can use to send back your tax-deductible donation, payable to the OSU Foundation.

Submission form (PDF)

Submission form (Word Document)