TitleA retrospective study of spinal cord lesions in goats submitted to 3 veterinary diagnostic laboratories.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsAllen, AL, Goupil, BA, Valentine, BA
JournalThe Canadian veterinary journal. La revue vétérinaire canadienne
Date Published2012 Jun
KeywordsSpinal Cord Neoplasms

A retrospective study of spinal cord lesions in goats was conducted to identify the range of lesions and diseases recognized and to make recommendations regarding the best tissues to examine and tests to conduct in order to maximize the likelihood of arriving at a definitive etiologic diagnosis in goats with clinical signs referable to the spinal cord. Twenty-seven goats with a spinal cord lesion were identified. The most common lesion recognized, in 13 of 27 goats, was degenerative myelopathy. Eight goats with degenerative myelopathy were diagnosed with copper deficiency. Non-suppurative inflammation due to caprine arthritis encephalitis virus, necrosis due to parasite larvae migration, and neoplasia were each diagnosed 3 times. Based on these findings, it is recommended that, in addition to careful handling and histologic examination of the spinal cord, samples of other tissues, including the brain, liver, and serum, be collected for ancillary testing if warranted.