TitleUse of a parainguinal approach for cryptorchidectomy in alpacas.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsParker, JE, Semevolos, SA
JournalJournal of the American Veterinary Medical Association
Pagination1835-6, 1797-8
Date Published2002 Jun 15

Cryptorchidism is an uncommon condition in llamas and alpacas, and there are no reports detailing surgical management of this condition in llamas or alpacas; however, flank or ventral midline approaches have been mentioned. Cryptorchid castration was performed by use of a parainguinal approach in 2 alpacas. The retained testicle of each alpaca was found on the ventral aspect of the abdomen, just caudal to the incision in 1 alpaca and at the cranial edge of the incision in the other. The testicle was approximately 1 X 0.5 cm in 1 alpaca and 2 X 1 cm in the other. In an alpaca or llama with a single abdominal testicle and no history of surgery, the parainguinal approach has several advantages, including the likely proximity of the testicle to the incision; the small incision, which can be extended if needed; ease of closure; and minimal aftercare. The retained testicles were small and could be difficult to find from a more distant midline, paramedian, or flank incision.