Identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis genes contributing to the host cell necrosis.

Impact: Tuberculosis is an extremely important disease, thus substantial potential for public health related impact.
Primary Investigator: Dr. Semevolos

Identifying oyster proteins that are targeted by the Vibrio tubiashii protease.

Primary Investigator: Dr. Häse

Efficacy and duration of action of morpholinos in the brain.

Primary Investigator: Dr. Magnusson

Economical High-throughput Biological System for Screening Antisense Delivery.

Impact: Could have big impact on the way  basic in vivo toxicity / activity assays are performed, which could impact how research is done in genetic medicine.
Primary Investigator: Dr. Moulton

Validation of diagnostic biomarker, serpin a3k for influenza and staphylococcus aureus /mrsa co-infection in a mouse model.

Impact: Influenza is an important public health issue, and identification of early markers of co-infection has the potential for significant impact on management of patients with this disease.
Primary Investigator: Dr. Pastey

Molecular Characterization of Wnt/Beta Catenin Signaling Pathway in Early Osteochondrosis of Prepubescent Foals.

Impact: It will transform knowledge of the etiopathogenesis of juvenile OCD of the knee, which will open pathways for early diagnosis, prevention, and treatment in the future.
Primary Investigator: Dr. Semevolos