Shay Bracha

Assistant Professor, Oncology


Dr. Shay Bracha completed his veterinary degree at Saint Istvan University in Budapest Hungary. He continued to Michigan State University where he completed a master degree and a medical oncology internship. Dr. Bracha has then moved to the University of Guelph in Canada for a small animal rotating internship and returned to Michigan for three years of medical oncology residency at the Animal Cancer and Imaging Center and Michigan State University.

Dr. Bracha’s research lab investigates how cancer cells modify their environment to increase invasiveness and metastasis. These studies have led to the discovery of novel biomarkers that may be used to detect cancer at an early stage, improving the chances for longer remissions and survival.

Dr. Bracha shares his home with his wife, two kids, one mix lab and two kitty cats. He enjoy hiking, biking, reading, cooking and spending time with his family.