Carla Schubiger

Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences

I am a veterinarian with academic doctorates in Veterinary Medicine, as well as Immunology and Infectious Diseases, and have also been trained as a Veterinary Anatomical Pathologist.

I have a particular interest in bacterial infectious diseases of commercial aquatic species, currently working with oysters, shrimp, salmonids, and black cod. My group studies probiotics and their use as alternative treatment options against a variety of aquaculture pathogens, their influences on the innate immune response and the gut microbiome of the aquatic host, their efficacy in food safety, and the molecular mode of action of the probiotic. I am also curious about aspects of bacterial cell physiology and working with zebrafish.

In the summer 2019 and 2020, I have a collaborative project with NOAA in Newport where we will study the effects of herbal supplements and probiotics on the innate immune response of marine sablefish. Students have the opportunity to live on the campus of the Hatfield Marine Science Center and prepare supplemented feeds, collect blood and tissues from fish, analyze those samples with microbiological and molecular methods, and observe infection trials.

Research/Career Interests: 

  • Infectious diseases of shellfish and commercial fish species
  • Bacterial pathogenesis, with special focus on aquatic pathogens
  • Teleost immune responses
  • Seafood safety
  • Probiotics