Dr. John Schlipf

Dr. John Schlipf is retiring from the Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine on June 30th after 20 years of service. Dr. Schlipf is the Service Head of Large Animal Medicine and the Program Director for the Large Animal Medicine Clinical Fellowship program. Over the years he has won many teaching awards, mentored over a dozen residents, and has been perennially honored by graduating classes as a Marshall or Hooder. The Class of 2020 elected him to be their graduation speaker and in that role, he dispensed practical wisdom, a few stories, and good advice to all attendees of the virtual graduation ceremony, while eliciting some tears. 

Dr. Schlipf has been an integral part of patient care in the Large Animal Hospital, dedicated teacher to a generation of veterinary students and valuable colleague in the CCVM. His special interests in equine ocular and neurologic disorders and pain management have led to innovative research and improved clinical techniques. We wish him the best on his next endeavors and thank him for his contributions to the education of veterinary students and to the health and welfare of innumerable large animal patients over the past 20 years. 

Dr. Rob Bildfell

Dr. Robert Bildfell is retiring in July, 2020 after 22 years of service to the Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Bildfell arrived at the college in 1998 as an anatomic pathologist and everyone quickly learned that, while he didn't talk much, he was always accurate and helpful in what de did have to say, and he always said it with a Canadian accent. Although his knowledge of veterinary pathology is all-encompassing, he became particularly known for his expertise in diseases of wildlife and he collaborated with a wide variety of people and organizations in diagnosing and understanding many diseases and conditions of wildlife in Oregon and beyond. His research and publication record reflects these many collaborations and interests. 

Dr. Bildfell has been a beloved teacher, colleague and friend of the college and will be deeply missed. We wish him the best on his move back to Canada where he will be close to his children.