Faculty and Staff Directory


CCVM Depts:

Small Animal Services:
541-737-4812, SA.Reception@oregonstate.edu 

Large Animal Services:
541-737-2858, LA.Reception@oregonstate.edu

Office of the Dean:
541-737-2098, vetmed@oregonstate.edu 

541-737-6985, cvmadmissions@oregonstate.edu

Oregon Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory:
541-737-3261, vet.diagnostic@oregonstate.edu

Department of Biomedical Sciences:
541-737-6532, cvm.biomed@oregonstate.edu

Department of Clinical Sciences:

IT Help Desk for CCVM:  CVMIT@oregonstate.edu

Webmaster:  webmaster.vetmed@oregonstate.edu



From I-5, take Exit 228 (the Oregon Hwy. 34/Corvallis-Lebanon Hwy. exit). Turn west toward Corvallis. Go 9.5 miles and turn left at the Hwy. 34 bypass, toward Philomath/Ocean Beaches. Turn right onto SW 15th Street and turn left onto SW Western Blvd. Turn right at SW 30th Street.

Magruder is located on the west side of SW 30th St., between Western Blvd. and Washington Way (Reser Stadium is across from Magruder Hall).

From eastbound on Hwy. 20/34 (Philomath Blvd.), turn left on 35th St., right on Western Blvd., left on 30th St.

If you use electronic mapping guides such as Google, MapQuest or a GPS unit, input "SW 30th Street and SW Western Blvd., Corvallis, Oregon."

Administrative Services

Entrance to the College, administrative services and the auditorium is in the center portion of Magruder where there are two stories of glass.

Large and Small Animal Services

The entrance to both large and small animal services is located at the north end of Magruder. Small animal clients will find parking here, while large animal clients will continue on through the gate to the west side of Magruder Hall.

Oregon Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

The entrance to the Oregon Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory is on the south end of Magruder Hall.

Please note: Delivery or courier service to the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory MUST be addressed to 134 Magruder Hall


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