Diagnostic Section: 
Test Fee: 
Turn Around Time: 
2 Weeks
Shipping Requirements: 
Place fresh samples in Whirl-pak or Ziploc bags. Keep fresh samples cool with ice packs but do not freeze if possible. Place fixed samples in plastic screw-top jars only and fasten lid well to prevent formalin leakage. Use at least 10:1 formalin-to-sample ratio to ensure fixation of samples.
Specimen Requirements: 

Intact fetus and placenta, or fixed and fresh samples. Fetal body fluids, fetal stomach content, and maternal serum-- if available-- can be submitted in a sterile collection tube without additives (e.g. red top vacutainer).

Collection Protocol: 

If shipping precludes sending an intact fetus, please collect necessary samples using a Whirl-Pak or Ziploc bag (no gloves or OB sleeves) for each fresh tissue collected. DO NOT POOL TISSUES. Label bags with Animal ID and specimen contained in each bag.

Additional Information: 

Routinely performed set of tests to detect infectious agents that cause abortions. Bacteriology performs Aerobic culture of Stomach Content, Placenta and pooled Liver/Lung. Molecular Diagnostics performs PCR test of Kidney, Thymus, Lung, Liver and Spleen for EHV-1 and EHV-4. Broad Survey of tissues using H&E stained sections (This changes based on what clients submit if Histo is not being collected in house). Hepatic Minerals for Toxicology (If Approved by Submitter).