Diagnostic Section: 
Test Fee: 
Shipping Requirements: 
Place fresh samples in Whirl-pak or Ziploc bags. Keep fresh samples cool with ice packs but do not freeze if possible. Place fixed samples in plastic screw-top jars only and fasten lid well to prevent formalin leakage. Use at least 10:1 formalin-to-sample ratio to ensure fixation of samples.
Specimen Requirements: 

Intact fetus and placenta, or fixed and fresh samples. Fetal body fluids, fetal stomach content, and maternal serum-- if available-- can be submitted in a sterile collection tube without additives (e.g. red top vacutainer).

Collection Protocol: 

If shipping precludes sending an intact fetus, please collect necessary samples using a Whirl-Pak or Ziploc bag (no gloves or OB sleeves) for each fresh tissue collected. DO NOT POOL TISSUES. Label bags with Animal ID and specimen contained in each b

Additional Information: 

Routinely performed set of tests to detect infectious agents that cause abortions. Bacteriology performs Aerobic culture of Stomach Content, Placenta and pooled Liver/Lung. Molecular Diagnostics performs PRRS & PCV2 PCR tests at the discretion of pathologist. Virology performs Parvo FA on Lung and Liver. Broad Survey of tissues using H&E stained sections (This changes based on what clients submit if Histo is not being collected in house). Additionally, Hepatic Minerals for Toxicology (If Approved by Submitter).