All Species (exc. primates)
Diagnostic Section: 
Shipping Requirements: 
Ship overnight or 2-day in an insulated container, with ice packs
Test Fee: 
Setup Days: 
Turn Around Time: 
Next day
Specimen Requirements: 

Serum or CSF - 1 ml preferred, 0.5 ml minimum

Collection Protocol: 

Collect in a red top tube, separate serum promptly or collect in a serum separator tube, spin and send "as is"

Additional Information: 

The Cryptococcus Antigen Panel is a two test combination. Testing should be done when clinical evidence suggests diagnosis of cryptococcal disease and not as a screen procedure for the general population.

The first test is a lateral flow assay which yields a presence/absence report for detection of the capsular polysaccharide antigens of Cryptococcus species complex (Cryptococcus neoformans, serotype A and D, and cryptococcus gatti, serotype B and C). It not does provide a quantitative titer of the antigen concentration. If this test is positive, it is followed by a latex agglutination titer to obtain a semi-quantitative titer of the cryptococcal antigen in the blood or CSF.

If the initial qualitative test is negative for the capsular polysaccharide antigen, the second titration will not be run.