All Species (exc. primates)
Diagnostic Section: 
Shipping Requirements: 
Seal plate or tube and ship in Ziploc® bag(s). Ship overnight or 2-day; do not refrigerate or freeze.
Test Fee: 
Setup Days: 
Turn Around Time: 
Up to 14 days*
Specimen Requirements: 

Fungal culture media inoculated from affected areas. Indicate date of inoculation of culture. 

Collection Protocol: 

External specimens should be taken after first cleaning the area with 70% alcohol or a non-medicated, non-fungicidal soap.  Aseptically obtained tissue or swab. 

Additional Information: 

*Turn around time is dependent upon typical pathogen expected or requested as some fungi may take more than 4 weeks to isolate and identify. Many fungi are difficult to definitively identify and may be sent (on request) to a reference laboratory for additional charges. 

Please note on the submission form the suspected organism or if systemic fungi (histoplasmosis, blastomycosis or coccidioidomycosis) are suspected. Histology is recommended for these cases rather than culture.

Use Dermatophyte Culture or Identification for routine dermatophyte sample/media (skin/hair/nails).

The OVDL does not perform fungal susceptibility testing.