All Species (exc. primates)
Diagnostic Section: 
Shipping Requirements: 
Ship overnight or 2-day shipping in an insulated container, with ice packs.
Test Fee: 
Setup Days: 
Turn Around Time: 
1 day
Specimen Requirements: 

Sterile swab in transport media, tissues in individual sterile Whirl-Pak® bags.

Collection Protocol: 

Aseptically obtained sample.  Common specimens include: Caprine/Ovine - placenta; Feline - conjunctival swab; Exotic birds - air sac, liver, spleen; Ducks/Geese/Pigeon - conjunctiva, eyelid.

Additional Information: 

Some diseases caused by Chlamydiae and Coxiella burnetii can be detected by stained tissue smears and swab slides.