Ruminants, Camelid, Bovine, Caprine, Ovine
Diagnostic Section: 
Test Fee: 
Setup Days: 
Tuesday, Friday
Turn Around Time: 
5 days
Shipping Requirements: 
Label all samples. Ship overnight on cold packs. Submit specimens in sealed leak-proof containers. Do not submit specimens in gloves.
Specimen Requirements: 

3-5 grams fresh feces

Collection Protocol: 

Frozen feces will be rejected. Refrigerate feces after collection. Feces should be no more than 3 days old at time of receipt in laboratory. Avoid cat litter or animal bedding, or feces that have been outside for more than a few hours.

Additional Information: 

Fluorescent microscopic exam of feces for Haemonchus sp. Concurrent fecal floatation with at least 25 EPG Trichostrongyle type ova required. Presence of Haemonchus ova will be reported.