All Species (exc. primates)
Diagnostic Section: 
Shipping Requirements: 
Ship overnight or 2-day shipping in an insulated container, with ice packs.
Test Fee: 
Setup Days: 
Turn Around Time: 
1 day (Tuesday)
Specimen Requirements: 

Serum - 0.5 ml minimum

Collection Protocol: 

Collect in a red top tube and separate the serum promptly or collect in a serum separator tube, spin and send "as is."

Additional Information: 

Test method is microscopic agglutination; six serovars include L. bratislava, L. canicola, L. grippo, L. hardjo, L. ictero, L. pomona.  Sample(s) to arrive by noon on Monday to be reported by 5:00 pm following day. 

Call us at 541-737-3261 if you will be submitting more than 10 samples.