Diagnostic Section: 
Molecular Diagnostics
Test Fee: 
Setup Days: 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Turn Around Time: 
2-4 days
Shipping Requirements: 
Label tubes (use barcode if available) and place into cardboard shipping boxes provided by the OVDL. Ship overnight with dry ice in an insulated container. Ship Monday-Thursday only. Submit specimens in sealed leak-proof containers.
Specimen Requirements: 

Mosquitoes (up to 50) placed into a 2 ml snap cap tube. Pools of up to 5 specimen tubes will be performed by the laboratory.

Collection Protocol: 

Freeze mosquitoes immediately following collection and identification. Keep mosquitoes frozen until shipment.

Additional Information: 

Detection of West Nile virus (WNV), St. Louis Encephalitis virus (SLEV) & western equine encephalitis virus (WEEV) by multiplex real time PCR. Mosquitoes are tested in pools of 5. Individuals within each pool are tested if any of the viruses are detected in the pooled sample. An additional fee applies. Test is performed for public health surveillance only. Please contact the OVDL for additional information. Panel Includes: St. Louis Encephalitis Virus PCR (SLE) West Nile Virus PCR (WNV)Western Equine Encephalitis Virus PCR (WEEV)