Diagnostic Section: 
Molecular Diagnostics
Test Fee: 
Setup Days: 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Turn Around Time: 
2-5+ days, depending on sample type(s) & quantity submitted.
Shipping Requirements: 
Label all samples. Ship overnight with cold packs in an insulated container. Ship Monday-Thursday only. Submit specimens in sealed leak-proof containers.
Specimen Requirements: 

Skin swab, environmental swab, skin tissue, guano, soil

Collection Protocol: 

Dip the tip of a dry sterile swab into a sample tube (2 ml microcentrifuge tube) containing approx. 150 ul sterile nuclease-free water to moisten the tip (most water will be absorbed by the swab). Sample one of the bat's forearms and adjacent wing tissue between the elbow and wrist by gently ROLLING the swab across the surface of skin (three passes back & forth). Rolling the swab as it is moved along the skin prevents abrading the delicate wing skin. Place the swab tip into the same sample tube used to moisten the swab, and break off the protruding plastic shaft of the swab without touching the rim of the tube or inside of the lid with your fingers. Close the lid tightly. Do not use bacterial transport swabs or any tubes containing agar gel or charcoal, as these are inhibitory for PCR. Hold swab samples chilled (4C) if they are to be shipped within 2 days following collection; otherwise freeze samples at -20C until they are shipped. If stored at -20C, samples should be received by the lab within 4 weeks from collection.

Additional Information: 

Detection of Pseudogymnoascus destructans, the causative agent of white nose syndrome (WNS) in bats by real time PCR.