Diagnostic Section: 
Molecular Diagnostics
Shipping Requirements: 
Ship overnight in an insulated container, with ice packs.
Test Fee: 
Setup Days: 
Turn Around Time: 
3-7 days (allow extra time for fixed tissues)
Specimen Requirements: 
  • Submit whole fish
  • Fixed & paraffin embedded tissue: 
    • Add $12.00 each for DNA prep.
    • Include an Acid-Fast stained slide with each tissue block or add $12.00 for slide prep.
Collection Protocol: 

Place specimens in a sealed leak proof container. Keep non-fixed tissues refrigerated or frozen prior to shipping. 

Additional Information: 

*Fee is $36.75 each for the first 3 tests. If 4 or more tests are submitted from the same facility at the same time all tests are $33.00 each.