All species excluding primates
Diagnostic Section: 
Test Fee: 
Setup Days: 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Turn Around Time: 
1 day
Shipping Requirements: 
Label all samples. Ship overnight with cold packs in an insulated container. Ship Monday-Thursday only. For further packing and shipping instructions for Rabies submissions follow the link at https://vetmed.oregonstate.edu/sites/vetmed.oregonstate.edu/files/f-bus-24.7_rabies_testing.pdf. Submit sample(s) triple bagged and packaged to prevent contamination of the outside of the package and cross-contamination of contents within the package.
Specimen Requirements: 

Samples may be an entire carcass, intact head, or dissected brain tissue. Dissected brain tissue must include a complete cross section of the Brain stem and Cerebellum preferably or, if Cerebellum is unavailable, Brain stem and Hippocampus are acceptable. It is recommended to submit bats as an entire carcass.

Collection Protocol: 

Fresh samples provide the most accurate results.

Additional Information: 

Detection of antibodies to rabies virus by fluorescent antibody test. This laboratory provides Rabies testing for both non-human contact animal cases and human-animal contact cases. Testing cannot be completed in human-animal contact cases without prior approval by either the State Public Health practitioners at Oregon Health Authority or the county health departments in Oregon.