All Species (exc. primates)
Diagnostic Section: 
Shipping Requirements: 
Refrigerate, in a leak proof container. Overnight or 2-day shipping is recommended.
Test Fee: 
Setup Days: 
Turn Around Time: 
1 to 2 weeks
Specimen Requirements: 

Specimen requirements are determined by species and disease process; they can include conjunctival scrapings/swab, nasal/ocular swab, preputial/vaginal swab in viral transport media; fresh tissue, semen, tracheal wash, whole blood (EDTA). 

Collection Protocol: 

Collect appropriate sample(s) for disease process; submit each sample individually bagged and labeled with permanent marker as to content and animal ID. 

Additional Information: 

*First 1-3 samples are a flat $77.00. Each additional sample is then $27.50 each.