Oregon Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Shipping Options

A common question we receive is “how should we send this to you?” We accept packages via many methods: hand delivered, courier, UPS, FedEx and USPS. UPS or FedEx are the preferred shipping method not only for their reliability (and tracking) but because they are delivered to us in the morning, allowing ample time for samples to be processed and testing started.

We are happy to offer you discounted UPS shipping and will provide you with UPS labels and Laboratory Paks for Exempt Human or Animals Specimens. We have found that multiple small boxes can be placed into one Laboratory Pak, further reducing the shipping costs on a per case basis. You are not charged for the labels until you use them.

How the UPS Labels Work:

  • Select the correct label (shipping document) for how quickly the sample needs to be received at the Oregon Veterinary Diagnostic Lab.
    • Samples can be sent Next Day Air or Second Day Air.
  • Once your samples have been appropriately packaged, and labeled, you will drop your package off with a UPS Driver or at any UPS location.  If you require a UPS pickup at your facility, additional fees may apply.
    • If you are using a Laboratory Pak don’t forget to seal it! You’d be surprised at the number of unsealed envelopes we receive.  

Charges: Current flat rate charges are listed below. Prices are subject to change based off of current UPS fees. Oversized packages may be charged additional shipping fees.

  • Oregon and Washington
    • Next Day: $13
    • Second Day: $7
  • Out of State: $22

If you have any questions or would like to order labels, please contact us at 541-737-3261.