CVM Research Programs for 2018-2019

All faculty are invited to apply to the CVM Research Programs. For 2018-2019, three programs will be offered:

Basic Research Grant      :               Deadline is 1/10/18

Clinical Research Grant:                 Deadline is 1/30/18

Teaching Research Grant:            Deadline is 1/30/18


Basic Research Grant:                    Up to $10,000

Clinical Research Grant:                 Up to $10,000

Teaching Research Grant:            Up to $3,000

Review Process

In the first step, applications will be reviewed by the Research Committee that will provide recommendations for funding. Then, the applications and recommendations are reviewed by the Department Heads and the final decision is made the the Dean of the College.

Writing the Proposal

Instruction on how to write the proposal are provided below. Multidisciplinary applications with the POTENTIAL FOR FUTURE FUNDING will receive special consideration.

Application: (Word)  (PDF)

CVM Research Grant Rules: (Word) (PDF)

CVM Clinical Grant Rules: (Word) (PDF)

CVM Teaching Grant Rules: (Word) (PDF)