On February 28, while working my post as the small animal client advocate, I saw this soulful, shepherd face peering at me in the lobby. I soon found out that her name was Luna, and she was visiting for a consultation on a badly broken leg. She had been roaming free for a while and decided it was time she found new owners - and boy did she hit the jackpot! It turns out that Tammy and Don had been thinking about adopting a dog and even made plans to visit the local shelter, but other plans postponed the visit. 

Luna, a 2-year-old shepherd, was emaciated when she showed up at their home. They immediately brought her to the Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine, and the orthopedic surgery team found that she had a displaced fracture and bone infection. She underwent extensive surgery with Dr. Jeff Biskup leading the charge, and today she is doing marvelously! 

The college was able to provide some funds from the Olive Britt Hope Endowment to help with the surgery costs. This fund is in place to help with emergency, lifesaving procedures. 

The Small Animal Client Advocate program is led by Tammy Barr, and includes eight volunteers that provide excellent customer service to clients coming into the hospital. They are most likely the first people to greet clients at the front door or in the parking lot of the hospital. The advocates are there to help clients and their patients have a successful visit with us. They can help contact the college's chaplain, lend an ear, and a second pair of hands to love on your animal.