Question: Can I call the Hospital Dispensary and speak to one of the technicians or pharmacist if I have a question about a medication or availability of an item?

Answer: Absolutely! The staff of the Hospital Dispensary is available and willing to provide answers to these types of questions. You may reach us directly by phone at 541-737-6863.

Question: As a community veterinarian can I purchase medications or medical supplies for myself or my clinic from the Hospital Dispensary?

Answer: The general answer to this question is no. However, in times of extreme emergency when an animal’s life, or relief of suffering, depends upon the immediate retention of a medication or medical supply that only the Hospital Dispensary has available, then the Director of Pharmacy can make an exception to the general rule.

Question: If I purchase something from the Hospital Dispensary and decide that the item is not required, can I return it for full credit?

Answer: Per Oregon Board of Pharmacy rule, any medication or medical device that leaves the Veterinary Hospital may not be returned for credit.