Carla Schubiger

Carla Schubiger, M Med Vet,, ACVP-C, Ph.D

Assistant Professor - Senior Research

Curriculum Vitae: 

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Affiliated with: 
Veterinary Medicine
Hatfield Marine Science Center
Research/Career Interests: 
  • Infectious diseases and immunology of aquatic species
  • Aquaculture of shellfish and finfish
  • Bacterial pathogenesis with special focus on aquatic pathogens
  • Seafood safety
  • Functional aquatic animal feeds (aquafeeds), including Probiotics and Phytotherapeutica
  • Alternative ingredients in aquafeeds, including Macroalgae and Insects

I am a veterinarian with academic doctorates in Veterinary Medicine, as well as Immunology and Infectious Diseases, and have also been trained as a Veterinary Anatomical Pathologist. I have an interest in policy and governance, and currently getting the Executive Masters of Public Administration at Portland State University (to graduate in June 2022).

My research interest is in bacterial infectious diseases of commercial aquatic species, currently working with oysters, shrimp, salmonids, Dungeness crab, and sablefish. My group studies probiotics and their use as alternative treatment options against a variety of aquaculture pathogens, their influences on the innate immune response and the gut microbiome of the aquatic host, their efficacy in food safety, and the molecular mode of action of the probiotic. We are also studying the molecular consequences of Climate Change on the marine food web, by analyzing at the transcriptomes of sea stars and Dungeness crab. 

My lab consists of:

  • Spencer Lunda, Ph.D. student (2019-current), B.S. in microbiology from UW
  • Jennifer Hesser, M.S. student (2020-current), B.S. in Marine Biology from UO
  • MacKenna Hainey, Ph.D. student (2021-current), B.S. in Marine Biology, M.S. in Biology, both from UO
  • Dennis Fletcher, Undergrad in Fisheries and Wildlife (Ecampus)

Students are welcome to participate in the various research projects via the STEM Leaders and URSA internships (Feb-June) and the SURE, CCVM, MSI, and REU internships during the summer term. Long-term commitments are preferred as some projects require aquatic animal handling and/or biosafety training. Students should provide their own transportation. Housing at Hatfield is available upon request. Various remote opportunities to establish an early research or science outreach career are open to all undergrads, regardless of their background. First-generation college students and members of underrepresented minorities are especially encouraged to participate in our lab. Ecampus students are also welcome.