Cyril Parachini-Winter

Cyril Parachini-Winter

Oncology Resident, Graduate Student
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Office: 541-737-4812 (Reception)
Fax: 541-737-4818

Comparative Health Sciences

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Veterinary Medicine
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OSU Main Campus

Cyril Parachini-Winter was born in France. After high school he studied biology, physics and chemistry for two years in Paris; he then moved to Nantes (on the west coast of France) for his veterinary studies. He spent several months in Brazil (UNESP of Jaboticabal near Sao Paulo) and in Canada (University of Montreal, QC) during his fourth and fifth year of veterinary studies. He pursued a rotating internship at the University of Montreal followed by a medical and radiation oncology internship in a private referral hospital in Montreal (DMV Veterinary Center).

Dr. Parachini-Winter feels very lucky and extremely thrilled to be a medical oncology resident at OSU, and to discover the wonders of the West coast lifestyle! His particular interests in oncology include hematopoietic cancers such as lymphoma and multiple myeloma, genetics/immunology and comparative oncology (animals as research models for human cancers and vice versa). He is also very excited about interventional oncology such as chemoembolization.

When he is not at the hospital, Dr. Parachini-Winter likes practicing sports as often as possible (Krav Maga, hiking, rugby, tennis and volleyball), listening to blues and funk music and enjoying good food and wine (not surprising for a French !) with friends and family.  

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