Bone Joint and Muscle Diseases

Coordinated by Drs. Stacy Semevolos, Erica McKenzieJennifer Warnock.

Dr. Erica McKenzie is currently focusing on the problem of anesthetic myopathy in horses and the characteristics of the drug dantrolene sodium as a preventative agent for this condition. This is a multifaceted and collaborative project, and different aspects of it have been funded to McKenzie by the College of Veterinary Medicine, the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) foundation and the American Quarter Horse Association. Over two years, Dr. McKenzie has been looking at the prevalence of anesthetic myopathy in client Quarter Horses (and other breeds) undergoing general anesthesia at Oregon State University, Oklahoma State University and the Universities of Missouri and Minnesota. The project will determine the prevalence of anesthetic myopathy in this population and will indentify significant predisposing or causative factors, including the potential role of two genetic mutations recently identified in Quarter Horses.