Services Available

  • In-house laboratory test including hematology, chemical profiles, blood ammonia measurement, tests for hemostasis, blood gas analysis
  • Diagnostic imaging including computed radiography and ultrasound
  • Diagnostic/therapeutic techniques including thoracocentesis, chest tube placement, airway lavage, abdominocentesis
  • Advanced monitoring techniques including electrocardiography, telemetry, pulse oximetry, arterial/indirect blood pressure measurement, central venous pressure, urine output
  • Enteral and parenteral feeding capabilities
  • Transfusion of blood and blood products
  • Oxygen enrichment techniques including environmental, nasal and endotracheal administration
  • Mechanical ventilation capacity
  • State-of-the-art pain management
  • Access to specialists in anesthesiology, cardiology, internal medicine, oncology, surgery and theriogenology


Intensive Care Unit Capabilities

  • 24-hour patient care and monitoring
  • Direct arterial and central venous pressure monitoring
  • Oxygen-enriched treatment modalities
  • Chest tube placement with continuous evacuation
  • Parenteral nutrition and feeding tube placement
  • 24-hour telemetric ECG, BP and oximetry monitoring