Mission Statement

Our mission is to advance the health of animals, people and the environment through inclusive and equitable education, research and services to the public. 


Creating a healthier world for animals, people, and the environment. Exploration. Education. Compassion

Core Values
  • Respect: Equality, Civility, Diversity, Professionalism
  • Integrity: Work Ethic, Honesty, Character
  • Responsibility: Sustainability, Transparency, Communication, and Social Responsibility
  • Excellence: Quality, Innovation, Dedication, Commitment, Service and Education/Research


CCVM 2017-2022 Strategic Plan

The Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine’s strategic plan is the result of more than a year of intense thought, research, discussion, surveys and gathering of input from a variety of individuals from within the CCVM and from stakeholder groups outside the college. The result is a plan that reflects our values, our mission and our ambitions.

Strategic planning is inherently a forward-looking exercise that anticipates what is important to emphasize or prioritize over a longer time frame than normal operational activities span to ensure an organization’s continued value and relevance into the future.

  1. The planning process included these basic steps:
  2. Understand our situation
  3. Determine the future we are aiming for
  4. Characterize both the challenges and the opportunities associated with that future
  5. Establish the actionable next steps we are going to take today to achieve that future

The CCVM strategic planning steering committee sought to understand external trends and constraints that affect the CCVM and the profession. With input from faculty, staff, and students, the steering committee discussed what they see as important to the future success of the CCVM and developed the set of four strategic priorities that comprise the plan.

We look forward to working towards these goals and sharing our successes with all who support the college. 

For detailed information about the strategic plan, click here


Gary R. Carlson's Transformative Gift to the College

"As I began thinking about how I might make a difference in this world, I thought about those things that matter most to me. High on the list was the joy that our pets so often give us- a special comfort and support that allows us to embrace life more fully. I wanted to do something that would enrich that experience and help us better understand and care for our 'best friends.' "

-Dr. Gary R. Carlson

The Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine honors Gary R. Carlson, a Portland native and Oregon State University alumnus with a life-long passion for dogs and cats.

A dermatologist with offices in Malibu and Westlake Village, California, Dr. Carlson earned a degree in medicine from Oregon Health and Science University and completed his dermatology residency at UCLA.

After establishing his medical practice, he began investing in stocks and Southern California real estate. His goal was to grow his assets so he could make one large donation to a good cause. Ultimately, he decided that he would have the biggest impact at OSU’s veterinary college.

Dr. Carlson’s transformative $50 million gift commitment dramatically increases OSU’s ability to provide life-saving veterinary care, professional education for future veterinarians, and research critical to animal and human health. In 2018, the Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine became the first named college at Oregon State University and the second named veterinary school in the nation.

Initially unsure about naming the college, Dr. Carlson ultimately decided the recognition would also honor his parents, both animal lovers. 


OSU Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine is fully accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association, Council on Education (COE).*

In 2022, 92% of the graduating class passed their NAVLE (National Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners) exams — higher than the COE standard of at least 87% and higher than the national average of 90%. 

COE email: coe@avma.org
COE Phone: 800.248.2862
COE address: 1931 North Meacham Road, Suite 100, Schaumburg, IL 60173-4360

The COE conducted a site visit April 5-8, 2021. The next site visit is scheduled for 2028. 

*This affects only the Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine and no other entities of OSU.

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