The veterinary diagnostic imaging facilities consist of two small animal diagnostic radiology suites, one large animal diagnostic radiology suite, a small animal fluoroscopy suite, a diagnostic ultrasound room, a computed tomography room and nuclear medicine suite. Both the computed tomography and the nuclear medicine rooms are equipped for use with large and small animals. Additional radiology and ultrasound equipment is available for mobile use in and outside the hospital. The different imaging modalities are interfaced with a PACS computer system. Multiple viewing stations are installed throughout the hospital.

Radiology and Fluoroscopy Suites

The hospital is equipped with multiple stationary and mobile X-ray machines with a Fuji digital radiography reading unit. One of the small animal radiology suites is equipped with a Bennett X-ray machine (450 mA, 125 kVp) and a floating tabletop. The other small animal radiology suite is equipped with a Sedecal X-ray machine (20mA, 80 kVp) with a floating tabletop. The large animal radiology suite is equipped with a CPI Millenia X-ray machine (630mA, 120 kVp) and a telescoping grid support with electronic alignment to the tube. Additional, two MinXRay-HF80 portable X-ray machines (15mA, 80kVp) are available for mobile use in and outside the hospital. Two C-arm fluoroscopy units (GE OEC-9600 and GE OEC-9800) are available, one of them in the cardiology suite and one for mobile use in the hospital.

Computed Tomography Room

The hospital is equipped with a Toshiba Aquilion 64-slice Computed Tomography (CT) unit, which has a customized table capable of supporting anesthetized large animals, including horses as well as large camelids. This high speed and precise machine is capable of capturing detailed 3-dimensional images of the entire body of small animals and legs, head, neck of large animals and sometimes the whole body of small horses, alpacas and llamas, thereby providing diagnostic information that cannot be obtained using other imaging techniques.

Nuclear Medicine Room

The nuclear medicine room is equipped with an IS 2 gamma camera mounted to a free float lift system which allows us to move the camera to different positions. Images are sent to a dedicated computer work station equipped with the Mirage nuclear medicine processing software.

Ultrasound Room

The primary ultrasound machine used by the service is a Toshiba Aplio 500 ultrasound machine capable of elastography, tissue harmonics, compound imaging, color Doppler, power Doppler and microvascular imaging. The service is also equipped with a Philips IU-22 ultrasound machine capable of spectral, color flow, Doppler, harmonic and 3D imaging. Multiple portable ultrasound machines are also in use through the hospital. These include a Hitachi Noblus used for post-computed tomography biopsies and radiology research, one MyLab ultrasound system used on small animal patients and three Sonoscape S9 ultrasound machines are available for use in the large animal clinic as well as for imaging off site with the rural veterinary practice. All systems have multiple transducers.

MRI Room

The hospital is equipped with a GE Signa Horizon 1 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) unit.  MRI is especially useful in imaging the brain and spine, as well as the soft tissue of joints and the interior structures of bones. The instrument is used primarily for dogs and cats, but it also can accommodate small horses, camelids and small ruminants.