Published fees are for diagnostic services only. Contact laboratory for research fees.

Accession Fee - All submissions will be assessed an accession fee of $8.00.

Turn around times - These refer to business days only. Turn around times are average or minimum days required for test completion.

Circumstances may necessitate our use of diagnostic testing services provided by other accredited or recognized laboratories.

New TestsBordetella bronchisepticaB. pertussis real-time PCR, Canine parainfluenza virus (CPIV) real-time PCR, Canine Respiratory PCR Panel, Cryptosporidium spp. real-time PCR, Equine Respiratory PCR Panel, Equine Rhinitis Virus A and B (ERAV, ERBV) real-time PCR, Lawsonia intracellularis real-time PCR, Potomac Horse Fever (Neorickettsia risticii) (PHF) real-time PCR, Rhodococcus equi real-time PCR, Streptococcus equi subsp. equi (Strangles) real-time PCR

Printable Master List for those who would like a copy of the available tests and corresponding fees.