Intraoperative Radiotherapy

New treatment of animals with cancer will provide information that can save human lives too.



Research at the College of Veterinary Medicine is dedicated to solving some of the world's most challenging animal and human health issues.

Diagnostic Services

The Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory provides a full range of animal disease diagnostic services to veterinarians, livestock producers, pet owners, and biomedical researchers.

Veterinary Hospital

The Lois Bates Acheson Veterinary Hospital provides expert veterinary care for both small and large animal patients.

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Vet Med Collaborates on Beaver Genome Project

Sep 1, 2015
With the aid of Filbert, an Oregon Zoo beaver, scientists at Oregon State University are preparing to sequence the genome of the OSU mascot. … Read full story.

Fat And Sugar Affect Cognitive Function

Jun 29, 2015
An investigator in the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine has found that both a high-fat and a high-sugar diet cause changes in gut bacteria that appear related to a significant loss of cognitive function. … Read full story.

McDonald Forest open, not found to pose any special risk to pets

May 8, 2015
After further evaluation, officials at Oregon State University say there is no apparent geographic connection that would link dogs that had recently become ill with visitation to the McDonald Forest area north of Corvallis, and the area remains open for public use as usual. … Read full story.

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"Antimicrobial Resistance: Moving beyond the prudent-use paradigm"

Everyone is invited to a research seminar given as part of the Guest Speaker Series at the College of Veterinary Medicine. 

Dr. Douglas Call

Professor and …


"Neuroendocrine Regulation of Fertility"

Dr. Djurdjica Coss

Associate Professor in Biomedical Sciences at University of California, Riverside; School of Medicine.



Structural Proteomics and Functional Genomics for Chlamydia"

Dr. Scott Hefty

Associate Professor in the Department of Molecular Biosciences at University of Kansas. 

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